Lucky Dragons Ethscription ArticleLucky Dragons Ethscription Article

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Minting History On The Blockchain:

What's Is An Ethscription?

Remember Pogs? Fidget Spinners? Beanie Babies? The internet loves its collectible crazes, and the latest gem in the crypto world is Ethscriptions. Think of them as tiny pieces of history, tucked away on the Ethereum blockchain. But instead of plastic discs or plush toys, these hold bits of text, images, or even code!

What makes them special? Unlike their NFT cousins, Ethscriptions live directly within Ethereum transactions, making them potentially cheaper and more lightweight. It's like writing a secret message on the back of a receipt – except everyone can see it, and it's permanent!

Creating your own Ethscription is a breeze. Just head over to our minting site, pick your digital Dragon, and hit "Ethscribe!" Boom, you've become a blockchain archaeologist, preserving a piece of the internet forever.

But wait, there's more! You can also trade your Ethscriptions with others. Imagine sending a friend a funny meme immortalized on the blockchain, or even a poem you wrote! The possibilities are endless, and the potential for a vibrant Ethscription community is just beginning to unfold.

So, are you ready to join the fun and mint your own piece of blockchain history? Dive into the world of Ethscriptions and discover a new way to collect, create, and share in the ever-evolving digital landscape!

Still Not Sure What Were Talking About?!

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Oh, hey, look you made it! Well, since you've gotten this far, we might as well share a secret.

We didn't name them "Lucky Dragons" for nothing...

That's right. We saved the most important thing for last, since that's what you do right? Save the best for last. Anyway, that's what we did. After the mint process, we will hold a raffle based off of "Traits" and the "Rare Dragons" that are collected. Those that mint one of each dragon set, or a "Lucky Dragon" will be eligible for the random raffle lottery giveaway.